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Cupcake lovers is the highest rated cupcake stand store in Australia – over the years we’ve established the largest range of cupcake stands and holders! If you’re looking for cupcake stands for your next party or wedding, then take a look at our amazing cupcake range here.

Whether you’re looking for a cup cake stand, or a cupcake tower to go with your cupcake wedding cakes, we have all the cupcake holders you need. Some occasions will require the use of cupcake towers which we also cater for. Having the right cupcake holder for your cupcake party is essential, and this is why buying from cupcake stands Australia is the best decision to make!

If you’re looking for an acrylic cupcake stand to go with a particular type of wedding cupcake, then we will be more then happy to help. And finally if you’re looking for a cupcake carrier, or a set of cupcake cases, you’ll find them in our store as well! Thank you for visiting cupcake lovers today, and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience here!


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